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Taillights at Dusk, Copyright 1993 William S. Frank

Ever since I won a Kodak “Brownie” at a movie theatre when I was nine, I’ve been lugging cameras around shooting nearly everything in sight. This Winter photo is one of my best.

I shot it on Lincoln Avenue, back when it was a winding two-lane road with no traffic. (Lincoln Avenue, running east and west, joins I-25 and Parker Road.) Back then, you could park and walk along the road, set up a tripod and wait for the right light. Few cars passed. Today, Lincoln Avenue is a bustling four-lane highway, and if you stopped, you’d likely be killed or arrested, or both. In addition, when the engineers built the highway in the 1990s, they “straightened” this curve, so you could not take a similar photo today. The scrub oak are gone.

As I stopped the car, the sun was setting fast-I had only two or three minutes to capture the shot. I set the lens on my Ricoh 35mm for f/22 (the smallest opening) and left the shutter open for 40 seconds. This was enough to capture the car taillights entering, curving through, and leaving the photo. I especially enjoy the curve of the lights and the subtle silhouette of the scrub-oak against the fading sky. Framed and matted, the original photo, which hangs in my office, is 29-1/2″ wide by 23-1/2″ high. Come see it sometime.